Networking Hardware

The Specs Of My Real Rig

My Rack

My server rack was homemade out of wood from B&Q, my partner helped me put it together as he had the tools to do such a job.

It consisted of the bottom half would house the servers, switches & UPS. The top half would have my two 3D printers on top, which also would mean the servers would allow me to remotely control & monitor the 3D printers. I also put a blue LED cloud on the top of the rack because why not, it is essentially my personal cloud.

From this rack, I could run every service on my network, from the IoT lighting to the CCTV DVR system.

I also with the help of my partner was able to install an old TV backlight at the top of the rack to act as a high-end defused bright light that would make working on the 3D printers more practical as the lighting in the sitting room of my house was not very good.

The Server In The Rack

DELL:220 (It is the main router in the network)
HP:DL360E (Hosted Services)
DELL:710 (Dedicated hosted machine for one client)
DELL:710 (CCTV, Mass Storage, Hosted Services)
DELL:720 (Active Directory)