Server Hosting

Hosting Services For Myself & Others:

Discord Bots

I have hosted a number of discord bots for various clients, some were quite popular music bots.

Game Servers

I have hosted a number of games over the years, from Minecraft to Space Engineers.

IoT Controlers

From Node Red dashboards to Home Assistant to take control of what I usually purely cloud based systems & bring them back under my control.


Security of the network & my home is important.

VM Hosting

I have a number of clients that I host VMs for. The VMs range from various flavours of Linux to Windows architecture.

PF-Sense Router

A custom router because routing is at the fundamentals of computer networking.

RAID Storage

My servers are configured with RAID storage to give my data some redundancy against HDDs dyeing.

Networked Attached Storage

To provide common data storage across the network. Also allows centralised data backups as well.


I have built out & run my own DNS services, mostly to block adverts for my own privacy & security.


Never unestermate the importance of backups.